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A little bit about drama for February:

At Academy of World Languages our drama classes are currently focusing on developing our own plays. These plays will be created by the students. Each student is choosing a character they want to play and as a class we are writing the story.

Our first week was brainstorming. We came up with different characters that each student could be cast as and developed ideas for our setting.

Our second week was auditions. The students paired up and performed a scene for the class. They also chose their preferred character. On this day each student also shared whether they wanted a large, medium, or small role.

Now that we have each show cast we will look at a new draft of the script for the next two weeks and decide what needs to be edited before the next reading.

Once our script is finalized we will begin blocking! All of the students are very excited to be developing a show to share with their friends and family.

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