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Our First Blog Post

Testing 1, 2, 3

Those who can, do. Those who teach, do MORE.

Our amazing and giving instructors make up some of the best talent in the community. More than just educators, they are role models and extended family, and include:

Gina Amberger - Art Justina Block - Cheer/Dance Team

Emily Keenan - Cheer/Dance Team Lonna Kingsbury - Poetry & Culinary Arts Brooke Steele - Cheer/Dance Team and Vocal Arts

Testimonials from those behind the scene and 100% behind the students:

"CAI is a modern, urban kaleidoscope of layered colors and patterns within a circle. For me, community always evokes the image of a circle. Think Hip Hop—soulful and rhythmic—meets Art Deco: playful and sophisticated with bold colors and clean lines. Other descriptors that come to mind: imaginative, thoughtful, inspiring, fun-loving, effervescent, and generous of spirit."

–Renee Miller, former CAI Zumba Instructor

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