We instill art, purpose and passion into the worlds of children through after-school engagement and enrichment programs that bring enlightenment to families and enliven neighborhoods. Expanding our school commitment neighborhood by neighborhood each year provides a renewal of hope for everyone's success thanks to all involved. Community Arts Initiatives (CAI) offers an inspiring palette of classes that includes dance fitness, gardening, cooking, yoga, and visual arts.


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Why do we do, what we do? And how does it benefit all of us?

Participating Schools

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Sayler Park Elementary

Dater High School

Oyler School

Roll Hill School

Academy of World Languages

Participating Schools



Testimonial from those behind the scene and 100% behind the students:

"CAI is a modern, urban kaleidoscope of layered colors and patterns within a circle. For me, community always evokes the image of a circle. Think Hip Hop—soulful and rhythmic—meets Art Deco: playful and sophisticated with bold colors and clean lines. 
Other descriptors that come to mind: imaginative, thoughtful, inspiring, fun-loving, effervescent, and generous of spirit."


–Renee Miller, former CAI Zumba Instructor  

We began in 2008 as part of the Madisonville Arts Center, transformed from a forgotten building into a fully renovated, multi-use arts and education venue. Our goal was to promote and support community arts through performances, classes and exhibitions on every level.

It soon became clear that the demand for the arts was best served directly in the schools and communities. With transportation issues negated and logistics simplified, we had a growing and receptive after-school audience–and convenience for parents, students and educators.

We quickly saw a dramatic increase in demand: what began as a single school being served in 2009 has steadily increased each year. CAI is now recognized as the go-to source for free-of-charge-after-school arts programming. Contact us today to see how you can get involved:

Debbie Hill
Founder & Executive Director

phone: 513-379-2108

email: debbie@communityartsinitiatives.org

A great cause has great effect

...And support.

We couldn't do what we do for the kids without assistance from our educators,

volunteers and those who provide the much needed financial backing:

Alva Jean Crawford Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Anonymous Foundation (2)
Anonymous Foundation/Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Christ Church Cathedral Foundation
Community Learning Center Institute
The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation
The Cincinnati Woman's Club
Robert & Adele Schiff Family Foundation
Toyota Motor North American Community Grant




Dance Fitness Class
Quilting Together Art
Let's get cooking!
Yummy & Healthy
Making Tie-Dyed Shirts
Cool Tie-Dyed Shirt!
Gardening Class
Visual Arts Sampler

The CAI Mission is to promote and provide arts programming throughout our communities and in our schools.

Through community partnerships and collaborations, we engage, entertain and enlighten young and old with a variety of arts experiences, as we strive to enrich every child’s education through participation in the arts.

Vision & Mission


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Helping students find their happiness and healthy selves through the fun and excitement of dance. Instructor: Alyson Dashner